Liverworts of Maine
Authors: Blanka Aguero
Notes: List is based on data downloaded May 4, 2017. Nomenclature was adjusted according to Söderström et al. 2016, PhytoKeys 59: 1–828. Taxonomic thesaurus of the portal has not been updated with genera and species of Apopellia, Fuscocephaloziopsis, Mesoptychia, and Odontoschisma, thus 13 taxa are listed under previous names. Their names according to the World check list are stated in Notes.

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Families: 38
Genera: 69
Species: 175
Total Taxa: 177

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Needs revision/recollecting
Including Calypogeia arguta, C. arguta ssp. sullivantii records from North America
Schuster 15997a, Mt. Kathadin, specimen missing in databases
Likely not here, European taxon, specimens from 1800s need revision
former Marsupella adusta. At FH from Mt. Desert
Schuster 32948, foot of Mt. Kathadin (F)
former J. exsertifolia subsp. cordifolia