Dataset: Frullania azureomontana

    Frullania azureomontana Schäf.-Verw. & Gerh. Winter, sp. nov.

    Frullania azureomontana is described and illustrated from elfin forest of the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. It stands out by distant lobules (subgen. Diastaloba s.l.), relatively small size, and dispersed ocelli in leaf lobes, gynoecia and androecia. The only member of subgen. Diastaloba in the Neotropics with dispersed ocelli in leaf lobes so far known is Frullania vitalii Yuzawa & S.Hatt. from Brazil which differs in several details: smaller size, leaves and branches slightly incurved when dry, differently shaped underleaves often with 1-2 blunt teeth along outer margin, ocelli also in leaf lobules, and different ecology. For Frullania vitalii, ocelli are firstly reported from underleaves and androecia.

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